What Will You Gain as a Platform?

The UNIPaaS solution is providing unique value for you as a platform, as well as unique value for your customers.

As a Platform You Will Benefit From

A Truly Embedded
Seamless white label solution with a better experience for your customers
Increase Customers' LTV
The platform becomes critical to the day to day mission of the customers and increases the brand’s loyalty, stickiness, and lifetime value (LTV)
New Features for Your Customers
Payment acceptance, B2B Checkout, instant payouts, payout to suppliers, open banking, and many more
Owning and Controlling
Instead of Re-selling It
You can control when and where to offer payments and financial services and see a full view of the funnel
New Revenue Streams
and Growth Channels
Supports multiple business models to transform operational costs into earnings. Click to view business models to generate new revenues
‘Low Code’ Approach
Choose from our embedded UI components or our advanced API integration; both ways, the implementation is quick & easy while we cover the financial complexity for you