Multi Vendor eWallet System

Get real-time control and a comprehensive view of your entire payment operations from one centralized system.
Manage vendor eWallets
View balances
Configure platform commissions
Hold money - “Escrow like”
Transfer funds instantly

Automate Payment Operations

Handling payments, balance management, and reconciliations may become costly and time-consuming for digital platforms.
Automating your payments will allow you to focus on your growth.

Get your platform ready to scale with essential automation, including subscription management for recurring payments, automatic reconciliations, eWallet transfers, and scheduled payouts.

Real-Time Reconciliation

Manual bank reconciliations are one of the most time-consuming and error-prone areas of the payments process.
With UNIPaaS, transaction reconciliation is done automatically and securely with your bank account in real-time so you can ensure validated balances and reduce back-office financial operations.