Embedded Finance
as a Monetization Strategy

Ready to turn payments into revenue? Your payments and financial services shouldn’t be about your operational costs. It should be all about your revenue strategy for your business.

The UNIPaaS Embedded Solution supports two business models:


Buy Rate / Sell Rate Model

  • ‘Sell Rate’ - The price that the platform defines for each financial service offered (card processing, bank transfer, etc.)
  • ‘Buy Rate’ - The operational cost of the service.
  • The platform receives the margin between the two rates as a new revenue stream.
  • Fees are charged from the customer by UNIPaaS and shared with the platform directly to the Platform’s Account
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Platform Commission Model

based on payments splitting
  • Platform commission - is the rate (usually percentage of each deal) that the marketplace is charging for their service.
    The platform controls the rates.
  • Fees will be deducted automatically
    from the transaction costs and will be transferred to the Platform's Account as a revenue stream
  • Each payment is split in real-time between the vendor and the platform. No manual reconciliation is needed.
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For a more detailed analysis of your revenue potential, please contact our sales team.
The UNIPaaS philosophy on this is very clear:
If you own the financial services, you can control the financial services,
If you control the financial services, you can monetize the financial services.
Collect your revenues in real-time straight to your Platform’s Account.
Save time and money on admin work.