Embedded Finance
For B2B Platforms

Turn your platform into a new financial growth engine. Increase your customers' stickiness, loyalty and lifetime value, with an outstanding customer experience.
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Automate invoices and payment requests.
Add a payable button to your invoices.
Enable your customers to get paid instantly with open banking
Generate new revenue streams from payments and financial services
Automate invoices and payment requests
Add a payable button to your invoices
Enable your customers to get paid instantly with open banking
Generate new revenue streams from payments and financial services

The UNIPaaS Philosophy is Clear


Own customer experience
Increase customers’ loyalty and lifetime value
Own new financial services insights


Control journeys to create a frictionless, streamlined experience
Control the contexts and offering
Provide a unified system to your customers so they can control the funds' flow


Generate additional revenues from payments and financial services
Support multiple business models
Reduce your acquisition costs by increasing lifetime value (LTV)
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Embedded Finance

Invisible yet Powerful

The UNIPaaS solution lets you embed financial services that are seamlessly integrated into your digital platform to provide new, innovative, streamlined customer experiences - totally white labeled. Your brand is always at the front.

With the UNIPaaS solution, you keep the power in your hands. You can leverage data insights to effectively increase your customers' satisfaction, loyalty, and stickiness.
In addition, you can provide valuable functionalities that support customers' unique business needs and become an essential part of your customers' daily funds management.

What Our Customers Say

Tushir Patel
Co-Founder of Capium
"At Capium, we're always looking for innovative partners who share our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our customers. We're excited to join forces with UNIPaaS and integrate their cutting-edge embedded finance technology into our platform. With this partnership, we'll be able to streamline payment processes, improve accuracy, and deliver an even better customer experience. We value our partnership with UNIPaaS and look forward to continuing to innovate together."
Winston Poyton
VP of Product IRIS Software Group
"Thanks to our partnership with UNIPaaS, IRIS Pay has become a game-changer for SMEs and accountants alike. With automated payments, accelerated cash flow, reduced processing costs, and increased bookkeepers' efficiency, businesses and accountants are reaping the benefits. IRIS Pay ensures secure and seamless transactions, providing peace of mind to SMEs and accountants throughout the process."
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Ash Hall
Head of Product at Nomi
"At Nomi, we're proud of our partnership withUNIPaaS and its cutting-edge embedded finance solution. By joining forces, we can offer our customers streamlined payment processes, increased accounting accuracy, and an overall enhanced customer experience. As a company devoted to supporting accountants and SMEs, we're excited about the potential of UNIPaaS' technology to change the game and revolutionize the market. With the launch of Nomipay, we're confident this partnership will bring significant benefits to our customers and transform the industry."
Paul Gott
COO of Beelivery
"UNIPaaS were the only provider who could supply a solution to all our pain points. Since launching with UNIPaaS our drivers enjoy instant payments rather than having to wait for the next daily payment run and payout failures and support issues are eliminated. Beelivery is growing fast, and UNIPaaS has enabled us to improve our ability to grow and scale our business without adding to headcount and overhead, whilst increasing customer satisfaction significantly.”
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David Ben-Avi
Nayax Founder & CTO
"We selected UNIPaaS Payment Infrastructure because it was simple to embed within our operational systems. The UNIPaaS Support Team are true professionals and helped us meet the unique project requirements to deliver on time"

Built for Multi-Vendor Business Models

Your payments and financial services strategy should be all about turning your operational cost into new revenues. The UNIPaaS Solution supports multiple business models to generate new revenues:

B2B SaaS / ISV

Control Over Eco-System Funds Flow

vendor accounts platformplatform vendor accounts

Actionable DATA & INSIGHTS






Agnostic Architecture

How it works

Fully Managed Cycle

Onboard & Verify Vendors

Individuals, Sole Traders,
KYC, KYB, AML Checks

Accept Online Payments

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Pay-by-Bank, Cards, APMs
Single Checkout Experience
Strong Customer Authentication

Funds Flow Management

Multi-Vendor Account
Split Payments
Automatic Reconciliation
Fees Configuration
Real-time Reports

Dynamic Payouts

Instant Payouts
Scheduled Payouts
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Choose Your
Development Efforts

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The UNIPaaS truly embedded solution allows you to choose the development efforts that suit your business.
You can choose our low code approach using our embedded UI components or our advanced API integration - Both ways, we made the implementation quick and easy while covering all the financial complexity for you.