Onboard and verify merchants

Embed onboarding into your customer journey.
Increase loyalty by keeping merchants from leaving your platform and deliver a frictionless experience to drive conversion rates sky-high.
Responsive onboarding component
Manageable brand settings
Customizable welcome text
Real-time tracking

KYC and KYB checks

We handle all the KYC, KYB, and anti-money laundering verification checks required to onboard new merchants.
We take care of compliance and security so you can focus on growing your business stress-free.

Choose the integration
that works for you

No code required!
Onboarding Link
Onboard merchants quickly and easily without writing a single line of code. Add a customized welcome message and track the onboarding status of all your merchants.
LOw code
Embedded Onboarding
A frictionless onboarding process embedded within your platform. Using only one line of code to maintain the design and experience of your platform.
Onboarding API
Integrate the onboarding process into your platform using our API. Maintain complete control over the data and design to meet your business goals.