The fastest path to marketplace profitability

Card processing fees
Manual workload
Frauds & chargebacks
Support tickets
Cost efficiency
Automated operations
Gross merchandise volume
Profit margins

Balance supply and demand providing strong value propositions for both sides

Vendors start to earn on the spot

New vendors can start accept payments immediately after registration
KYC verification is automatic and typically takes a few minutes
Payments are instantly withdrawn into vendor’s bank account
Cash flow is significantly improved thanks to advanced financial capabilities

Buyers are provided with a seamless checkout experience

Multiple payment methods:
cards and online bank transfers
Instant refunds
Fraud-prevention tools (PSD2 compliant)
Sensitive data protection
Your marketplace increases efficiency, reduces costs and scales up business operation
White-label solution: powerful invisible payment engine
Automated processes: vendors verification, split payments and reconciliation
Dynamic marketplace commission structure
Centralized financial operation and real-time reports
PSD2 and PCI compliance
Reduced disputes and chargebacks following strong customer authentication protocols
Complete control over data and user experience
Improved customer retention

Why the best choose us

“UNIPaaS were the only provider who could supply a solution to all our pain points. Since launching with UNIPaaS our drivers enjoy instant payments, when payout failures and support issues are eliminated.
Beelivery is growing fast, and UNIPaaS has enabled us to improve our ability to grow and scale our business, whilst increasing customer satisfaction significantly.”
Paul Gott,
Chief Operating Officer, Beelivery
4 weeks
implementation time
average payout time
100% of vendors
were verified during the first month
Beat the time,
beat the competition
Speed up vendors verification, orders, payments and payouts within your marketplace.
Make time work for you. And we can help.
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Create a perfect fitted payment flow

Our payment architectures are here to create a fintech infrastructure to answer your business needs
Payment solution design
Setup & implementation guide
Full support
Team trainings

Manage vendors with minimum efforts

UNIPaaS admin portal provides you with full visabilitiy of your vendors’ accounts - real-time reports and statuses.

Each team get the right access with well-defined roles and permissions.

Hosted Links
Embedded UI Components

End-to-end solution.
Single integration.

Choose the most suitable implementation option - from robust API solution for a great in-app experience, to a ready-to-use brandable hosted links.

Try out all the capabilities and features in the Sandbox environment before you go live.

Embedded PAYMENTS Within Your Marketplace
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