The easiest way to embed finance into your accounting software

Increase customers satisfaction and lifetime value
Boost your brand’s loyalty
Create substantial revenue streams
Lead the accounting software competition

The new age of accounting experience
embedded payment account, faster cash flow


Sale invoices

New generation of sale invoices linked with payment options
Payment button on each invoice
Configurable payment methods
Flexible rules and settings - controled by your customer
Automatically created paid invoices


Smart checkout Process

Brandable checkout page. Multiple methods - single experience
B2B checkout - Invoice, Terms, Reminders
B2C checkout - Virtual point of sale
Instant online bank transfers -
immediate reconciliation
Debit and credit card processing: single and recurring payments, alternative payment methods


Payment account

Funds visibility and multi-currency in a single embedded component inside accounting software
Real-time balances
Transaction list for export and full visability
Instant and secure payout to bank account on demand within minutes or regular payouts
Automatic reconciliation


Purchase invoices

Streamlined outgoing payments
Batch payments and single bank transfers
Instant payment processing
Immediately updated balances



Flexible flow to fit your product at highest security standard
Secure, compliant and regulated
Instant bank account verification
Seamless user experience inside the accounting software
Various scenarios to onboard all types of businesses
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Why The Best Choose Us

“We’re really excited to partner with UNIPaaS and provide our customers with embedded finance solutions. This partnership puts us ahead of the curve and enables us to meet the accelerating demand for embedded finance and Open Banking based solutions.“
Paul Nagy,
Chief Product Officer,
IRIS Software Group.
Iris Paul

Create substantial revenue streams from financial transactions

Sell rate*

Buy rate**


Your revenue stream***

*Sell rate
The price that the platform defines for each financial service offered.
**Buy rate
The operational cost of the service collected by UNIPaaS.
***Your revenue stream
The margin between the two rates as a new revenue stream for your platform.
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your brand


Your customers trust you.
That’s you who should offer them financial services. And we can help.
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You know what’s right for your customers
that's why we built it!

Improve cash flow
All data is displayed at the real time for better cash flow management.

Faster Payments rails allow payment arrive almost immediately.
Reduce manual labour
Transactions are automatically reconciled and matched with a ledger.

Invoice statuses are always up-to-date due to reliable webhooks.
Maximize security
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Strong customer authentication
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PCI compliance
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PSD2 compliance
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Multiple anti-fraud and money laundering prevention tools

Minimum integration efforts

Low code
Embedded UI Components
Using a single script, embedded UI components can be integrated within your platform and be customized to any brand requirements.
Onboading Embedded Component >Payment Account Embedded Component >
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No code required!
Hosted Links
Make redirects seamless. Provide your customers with a great experience using pre-defined settings and keep your brand always in the spotlight.
Onboarding link >Checkout page >
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Using our robust API, you maintain complete control over the data and users experience. Try out all capabilities and features in the Sandbox environment before you go live.
Full documentation >
Choose. Combine. Integrate.
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