The UNIPaaS Solution For Accounting Software

The UNIPaaS solution has an excellent offering for accounting software to help your platform become a unified hub for all financial management with vendor account for SMEs.

Payments and Accounting are Linked

it is a unified system that combines your invoices with payments.
The UNIPaaS solution will offer your customers to view live the full funds flow on the accounting software’s Vendor Account dashboard.

Talk to the experts
Automate invoices and payment requests
Instant payouts - online bank transfers
Support debit/credit cards payments
Save admin time - let us do the work for you.
Add a payable button to your invoices
Easily generate online payment links to send directly to buyers with all payment details
Send secure payment links by email, text, QR code
‘Paid invoices’ created automatically once payment is received

Better Service. Better Cash Flow For Your Customers

Simple, safe, and automatic payments solution that improves how your customers get paid.
You’ll help your customers get paid faster with faster payments.
Receive the money on the same day with online bank transfers
Increase control over cash flow with your vendor account - Manage payments acceptance and payouts in one place linked to your expenses records.
Multi-currency payment acceptance / support