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Our Story

UNIPaaS was launched in 2020 by a team of experienced payment experts, aiming to empower SaaS platforms and marketplaces of all sizes to unlock greater payment growth potential. Until now, the complexity of offering branded payment services has been a significant challenge for SaaS and marketplace companies.
The vision of the UNIPaaS team is to provide advanced, branded payment services without the need for extensive resources. This has led to the development of managed solutions supported by UNIPaaS’ Payment Facilitation (PayFac) as-a-service model. The PayFac as-a-service model enables companies of any size to offer advanced embedded payment services under their own brand, with full control over their product, user experience, and pricing.
Our unified interface allows platform customers to seamlessly integrate payment collection into their online and mobile checkouts, as well as through e-invoices, using cards, bank transfers, and direct debits. By equipping platforms with seamless embedded payment services, backed by dedicated experts and the latest technology, UNIPaaS enables them to strengthen customer relationships and increase revenue effortlessly.
David Avgi
Co-Founder and CEO

UNIPaaS is led by David Avgi, former CEO of SafeCharge International Group, one of the leading Payment technology companies in the industry. In May 2019 SafeCharge was acquired by the Nuvei Group for US $890 Million.

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Oded Kovach
Co-Founder and CTO

An experienced CTO with a proven track record of 15 years in the fintech industry. He has an history of successful leadership of Israeli and global R&D teams, with vast experience in online payment processing, alternative payments methods and consumer financing. In recent years he took part in building the fintech startups AskToPay and ChargeAfter.

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Limor Liberman
Co-Founder and COO

Limor has 18 years of experience in the fintech industry and an MBA (Master of Business Administration). She has a proven track record managing Customer Success and Technical Delivery Operations as a senior executive in an international public company.

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Tsach Einav
Co-Founder and CFO

Experienced CFO with over 15 years in the fintech industry. With a proven track record leading the financial operation of an international public company through successful IPO and M&A activities.

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