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of Platforms' Payment Services

Empower your customers to accept payments with ease. With UNIPaaS, SaaS platforms and marketplaces of any size are able to unlock more growth potential by delivering branded embedded payment solutions their customers love.

Maximise Revenue

Strengthen customer relationships with Payment Facilitation (PayFac) as a Service

SaaS platforms and marketplaces today have an enormous opportunity to strengthen customer relationships and expand revenue opportunities through Account Receivable automation and embedded payment services. SaaS platforms partnering with UNIPaaS have experienced:


Payment Service Users


Payments Volume


Revenue Per User

Help your customers optimise payment conversion with AI

Build the attractiveness of your offering by enabling customers to enjoy smooth Account Receivable automation and increased conversion, powered by AI.

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Launch fast with your branded offering

Plug-and-play solutions, combined with a close collaboration with the UNIPaaS team, ensures you will have a tailored onboarding, swift integration, and be able to seamlessly implement your payment services customised to your brand’s look and feel. UNIPaaS UI components offer ready to use modules for a range of functionalities, including customer onboarding, customer invoicing, customer balance overview, and more.

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Streamline your operations

Get real-time control and a comprehensive view of your entire payment operations from one centralised system. In the UNIPaaS portal, you can manage your customer accounts, view balances, configure platform commissions, and transfer funds instantly.

Further, you can enable customers to embed payment collection in online and mobile checkouts, send e-invoices, and accept cards, bank transfers, and direct debits within your ecosystem, with no redirects or third-party contracts.