Payment acceptance

Own Your Payment CheckOut

Customize your checkout to match your business needs with one integration under one contract, supporting cards, alternative payment methods, banks, and direct debit:
Supporting multi currencies
Multiple payment methods
Branded checkout experience
Multiple merchants -> Single checkout
Subscriptions & Recurring payments
SCA & PCI compliant

Platforms Payments

We offer a white-label solution for B2B digital platforms, including SaaS, ISVs, and marketplaces.


Choose from over 135+ currencies and popular local payment methods to boost conversion rates in every market you operate.  

Fraud protection

A powerful and built-in fraud protection engine that identifies fraud and increases authorization rates.

PSD2 Compliant

Stop worrying about payments regulation. UNIPaaS owns the compliance burden, helping you reduce your risks.
pay by bank

Online Bank Transfer

Allow buyers to pay directly from their bank accounts quickly and easily.
View balances in real-time and payout instantly.
Reduce back-office processing by automating reconciliations.
Provide a frictionless payment experience
Automate reconciliations and payouts
Make instant bank transfers
View balances in real-time

Recurring payments

Support SaaS business models
Grow recurring revenues
Allow trial periods
Implement the right billing plan for your business.
Enable daily, weekly, monthly or yearly payments integrated within your checkout page.

Already connected to a subscription provider?

No worries. Our agnostic architecture enables you to connect to your existing third-party providers easily.
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Flexible. Scalable. Simple.

Choose from three flexible integrations to implement your checkout experience.
No code required!
Payment link
Accept payments immediately with zero development resources. Simply create a payment link via the portal and get paid.
LOw code
Checkout page
Maximize conversion with a pre-built checkout page. Brand it with your logo and colors to provide a smooth experience.
Create your own checkout experience with fully customizable solution using UNIPaaS  components on your platform.

Instant & Automated Payouts

Don’t wait days for payments - Pay your merchants instantly.
Pay individuals, sole-traders & businesses automatically using their preferred payment method within minutes.



Choose to schedule automatic payouts to fit your business model or payout merchants instantly on-demand. Payout to a bank, card, or digital wallet through our API or system interface.
Optimize your back-office operations by eliminating time-consuming and costly manual procedures.