AI-Powered Payments

Unlock the Power of the UNIPaaS AI Assist to grow your customers’ payment volume through an optimal user journey - from acquisition to activation to retention.

Increase customer adoption

UNIPaaS’ AI-driven, user-facing messages are uniquely positioned throughout your platform, tailored to each of your customers, based on how they use your product.By providing the right message at the right time, AI Assist increases your customers’ adoption of your branded, in-house payment solution.

Customer activation made simple

Let your customers start accepting payments from their customers immediately through a frictionless registration process, by following our AI-driven flow with no human intervention in the process.

Boost customer retention and product stickiness

Help your customers get paid on time, every time, by recommending the payment method most convenient for their customers.Based on your customers’ historical data, AI Assist increases the chance of  smooth and hassle-free transactions and leads to higher conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction.