Embedded Payments

Creating your own, branded, embedded payment solution is now easier than ever. UNIPaaS transforms your platform into a fintech with none of the hassle and risk, pretty much effortlessly.

Empower your users to seamlessly and securely get paid by their customers, whether in person or online.

With your embedded and branded payment solution, your users can:

Add a “Pay Now” button to invoices - get invoices paid faster by removing friction and manual processes from customers.
Send their customers a payment link - via email, SMS or any other media or turn your users mobile phone into a Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS) for face to face payments.
Provide your users with flexibility and control to get paid the way they want with a variety of payment options.

UNIPaaS offers a geo-based, all-inclusive multitude of payment methods, including debit and credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, instant bank transfers (via Open Banking), Direct Debit and more.

Offer your users full control in determining which options they choose to enable for each payment.
Implementing embedded payments in your platform is effortless.

From a no-code integration through to a fully API-custom option, UNIPaaS supports it all. Use our white-label, off-the-shelf payment links and UI components or create your own experience with our cutting edge, intuitive API, let your users get paid faster and seamlessly with your branded payment services.Check out our docs for more information.