Registration & Verification

Get your users up and running with payments in no time (and no effort!).
We take care of the entire process, from end to end, so that you can sit back and watch your customers get paid.

Register your users to your embedded payment solution - with none of the hassle.

Through a seamless, frictionless and tailored registration process, your users can start getting paid within minutes with your fully branded, embedded payment solution.

Let us do it all for you.

UNIPaaS handles all the heavy lifting (underwriting, risk, regulation, compliance and other “fun” stuff). No additional effort is required from platforms throughout the entire process - our team ensures a smooth and successful end-to-end registration for each of your users!

Implementing user registrations in your platform couldn’t be easier.

Use our no-code integration option, a fully API-custom option or something in between, we’ve got your back. With any of these options, your users will enjoy a fully white-label, branded experience when registering to your embedded payment solution.
Check out our docs for more information.