Ditch the risk: All In One Embedded Payments Made Easy

Imagine allowing consumers the freedom to pay from any point - email, online, subscriptions. Imagine if your platform allowed your merchants to offer this seamless payment process to these consumers. Imagine if this was entirely possible thanks to the evolution of technology and the seamless interconnected intelligence of modern payment solutions.

This is the future of the all-in-one embedded payment platform, allowing your platform, marketplace or SaaS company to provide your customers with everything they need to make payments as simple as possible.

But what does all-in-one actually mean?

So glad you asked. It means that the business gets immense value because you can use this interconnected and capable payment ecosystem to achieve significant business goals. When using embedded payments to drive this ecosystem, you get some impressive benefits that include being able to:

  • Build customer loyalty and stickiness by creating a space within which they can manage payments, offer various payment options and create seamless payment experiences. It’s accessible, reduces friction, and lets customers enjoy a modernised payments architecture.
  • Build customer trust within a space that provides a secure, reliable and accessible variety of payment options that are bedded down in the latest security protocols and are compliant with regulations and legislations.
  • Build value for your customers by reducing their time spent on admin, cash flow management, payment issues and invoicing. It’s all simplified within a space that handles everything smoothly and perfectly.
  • Build a cohesive payment ecosystem with a white-labelled solution that’s done all the legwork and the hard work but allows you to brand it as if it were your own. It ticks the boxes of trust and compliance while giving you the all-in-one capabilities you need and allowing you to generate even more revenue opportunities.

Thing is, what about the risks?

However, things get complicated when it comes to developing an all-in-one embedded payment solution of your own. You need to build an embedded payments architecture and technology stack capable of handling:

  • Anti-money laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) compliance expectations.
  • Security compliance with PCI DSS and numerous other critical security regulations and expectations.
  • Licensing requirements, customer onboarding, and payment options.
  • Added to these essential ingredients are the global processing, payment gateway integration, and merchant management system requirements alongside reporting, reconciliation, fraud prevention and so much more.

Building your own all-in-one embedded payment solution is expensive, time-consuming and risky. You need the technology, staff, money, time and infrastructure to ensure it runs smoothly 24/7/365. If it isn’t perfectly put together, then there is downtime, fragmented customer experiences, and increased customer friction - and all these factors deliver precisely the opposite of what you want to create.

So, why not ditch the risks?

Now…what if you could benefit from an all-in-one embedded payment solution on your platform without these risks? What if you could trust in the security, the technology and the capabilities without building the solution yourself?

Welcome to UNIPaaS. UNIPaaS is a fully white-labelled, ready-to-use embedded payment solution that simplifies the payment process and provides you with complete control over your payments ecosystem and client experiences.

All in one without the risk

Welcome to a centralised payments platform designed to provide your customers with multiple payment options and integrations within a single interface on your platform. UNIPaaS provides all the work around compliance, security, and regulatory expectations, so you ditch the risks of undertaking these yourself. With a dedicated fraud team, robust AML, KYC and KYB compliance checks and PCI DSS V4 compliance, UNIPaaS is well ahead of the security and user experience curve.


Welcome to white-labelled simplicity with a solution that sits within your ecosystem and is branded to look exactly like your business while delivering high-end all-in-one payment functionality. You don’t send your customers to a third-party service provider; they don’t have to navigate out of your system and they stay within a business they already trust. You can build your brand and new revenue opportunities using a white-labelled, proven solution.

Multi-vendor payments and websites

Welcome to seamless payment simplicity with a standardised payment process that enhances customer trust. UNIPaaS minimises friction during transactions to create a cohesive shopping experience and provides access to multiple payment methods. This is the very definition of all-in-one when it comes to payments.

Payment efficiency and visibility

Welcome to automated vendor payouts, timely and accurate disbursements, and centralised management with data in one place for improved monitoring, analytics, and decision-making. And these are only a few of the benefits of UNIPaaS - this all-in-one payment solution can be customised to suit a broad range of industries and comes with proven service delivery, support and security for rigorous uptime, functionality and safety.

UNIPaaS simplifies the payment process and provides you with complete control, and you can implement our components within six to eight weeks while enjoying all the benefits. From customisation to support, security, transparency, easy integration and trusted service delivery, we simplify your service delivery and help you do more with and for your customers.

UNIPaaS delivers an immediate, reliable and scalable all-in-one payment solution that offers your business multiple payment methods within a centralised ecosystem that fits your brand, business and unique customer requirements.