Frictionless Onboarding: Designed for creators, influencers, sellers, and gig workers

At UNIPaaS, we understand that providing a smooth and real-time onboarding experience is instrumental in enabling your business to compete and achieve growth. This is especially true if you're a digital platform or marketplace serving creators, influencers, sellers, and gig economy workers. As competition continues to rise, it's now essential to offer a quick, easy, and intuitive onboarding experience.

How we’ve optimised the onboarding process

Whether you use our managed solution or embedded web UI, UNIPaaS makes it easy to validate your vendors while ensuring compliance with a range of different regulations. Several functionalities make our onboarding experience a cut above the rest.It's all about optimising the small details to minimise the inputs needed from the vendor. UNIPaaS uses an advanced algorithm to analyse the accuracy of an address for identity verification to make onboarding quick and hassle-free. To ease the process further, UNIPaaS pre-populates some of your vendors' onboarding fields, with data such as an address and email, which you've probably collected during the registration process. Pre-populating fields will speed up onboarding for your vendors and ultimately increase your conversion rates.Additionally, unlike other providers that request additional documents from vendors days or even weeks later, UNIPaaS enables the onboarding process to be completed right away. This is made possible by using an intelligent scoring system for all vendor information, which reduces the need for additional document requests. With your vendors able to complete onboarding in one short burst, you'll gain an edge over your competitors that offer a much slower and drawn-out onboarding process.

Pick the integration that’s right for your business

UNIPaaS is all about flexibility. We understand that businesses have varying capabilities and resources at hand. We offer three integration options including:

Hosted onboarding link

Get started without writing a single line of code. With just a few clicks, you can send your vendors a branded onboarding link. You can pre-define general onboarding settings to make it easier for your vendor to complete the process.

Embedded UI

Launch UNIPaaS crafted onboarding UI as an integral part of your front-end experience using a few lines of code. ​​This integration is the sweet spot between ease of implementation and the ability to customise the onboarding experience.

Onboarding API

Deliver a fast, customisable, and fully compliant payment onboarding process under your brand experience. Gain greater control and maximum flexibility over the onboarding experience. You decide when and which onboarding element to introduce through your registration or payout process.Want to discover more?Request a demo