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David Ben-Avi
Nayax Founder & CTO
"We selected UNIPaaS Payment Infrastructure because it was simple to embed within our operational systems. The UNIPaaS Support Team are true professionals and helped us meet the unique project requirements to deliver on time"
Paul Nagy
Chief Product Officer IRIS Software Group
"We’re really excited to partner with UNIPaaS and provide our customers with embedded finance solutions. Our aim is to help our customers automate the payment process for on-time payments and an improved customer experience. SMEs are the lifeblood of the UK, representing 99% of our economy and have been traditionally underserved in terms of payment solutions. This partnership puts us ahead of the curve and enables us to meet the accelerating demand for embedded finance and Open Banking based solutions."
Paul Gott
COO of Beelivery
"UNIPaaS were the only provider who could supply a solution to all our pain points. Since launching with UNIPaaS our drivers enjoy instant payments rather than having to wait for the next daily payment run and payout failures and support issues are eliminated. Beelivery is growing fast, and UNIPaaS has enabled us to improve our ability to grow and scale our business without adding to headcount and overhead, whilst increasing customer satisfaction significantly.”