Nomisma teams up with UNIPaaS to streamline payment processes for SMEs with Embedded Finance Solution

Solution provides innovative and streamlined customer experiences while offering new value propositions for customers - receive funds quicker and eliminate reconciliation challenges 

London, UK – 12 October 2022 - UNIPaaS, an embedded finance solution for digital marketplaces and B2B SaaS companies, today announced they have been selected by Nomisma, a cloud-based accounting solution that enables small businesses to streamline processes related to payroll, invoicing and more, to provide SME customers with an embedded finance solution. This collaboration enables Nomisma to provide its customers with a more efficient and streamlined payments experience by truly embedding payments and open banking within its suite of products to improve SME's cash flow. 

Recent research from the National Federation of Self Employed & Small Businesses suggests that over a third of UK SMEs experience cash flow difficulties due to late payments. According to data provided by the UK’s Open Banking Implementation Entity, open banking services in the UK continue to grow with as many as five million active users as of February.

UNIPaaS' solution enables platforms to provide innovative and streamlined customer experiences while offering new value propositions that include; automating and digitising manual processes, reducing admin work and errors, and helping businesses to improve their cash flow and growth.

David Avgi, CEO at UNIPaaS states, “ We are proud to be selected by Nomisma to provide embedded finance solutions. Nomisma is an innovative platform, a newly designed solution with in-depth insights and channels to the accountancy ecosystem. Our mission is to remove all of the traditional barriers of B2B payments, allowing digital platforms to scale without increasing their headcount while improving user experience and the end-client's cash flow. We look forward to working with the team at Nomisma."


Simon Guest, CEO at Nomisma comments, “For Nomisma’s accountancy and bookkeeping practice partners, making life easy for their small business clients is a top priority. Requesting and collecting payment on invoices is a big pain point for SMEs, and UNIPaaS has ticked all the boxes as the perfect partner for us to streamline this process. The benefits will be felt not only by practices and their business clients but ultimately by their customers too.  We are delighted to have set this development in motion.”

About Nomisma

Nomisma is the only true end-to-end cloud suite designed for accountancy and bookkeeping practices and their small business clients. It’s the only native cloud suite with full automation under a single interface: bookkeeping and payroll, including client mobile apps, through final accounts and tax to practice management. You also get end-to-end client onboarding including value pricing, proposals, CoSec and AML. It’s uniquely built for practice from the start, not SME software repurposed. Nomisma works as the practitioner wants it to, with many clever practice-focused features not available on other systems. Add to that very competitive monthly per-client pricing, and you have a solution that’s affordable from day one. Borne in 2014 as an in-house system to make commoditised compliance work profitable again, significant recent investment has boosted accessibility and intuitiveness for external users and led to rapid take-up.