Purl Partners join UNIPaaS as engaged shareholders and members of the Advisory Board to bring the power of Embedded Finance to Digital Platforms and SMEs

London, Sept. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- UNIPaaS, an Embedded Finance solution for digital marketplaces and B2B SaaS companies, announced today that Purl Partners joined as an engaged shareholder and member of the Advisory Board in order to add to its mission of providing the power of embedded finance to Digital Platforms and their customers.

Leaders from the business, government, and communications sectors have come together at Purl Partners to support early-stage and growing firms on their journeys by pooling their resources, expertise, energy, and networks. The partners are as follows:

  • Rick Haythornthwaite, Chairman of Ocado
  • Alastair Lukies CBE, Founder and CEO of Pollinate
  • The Rt Hon Philip Hammond, former Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • Sir Michael Lockett, Chairman of Audley

David Avgi, CEO & Co-Founder, UNIPaaS states, "It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce our partnership with Purl Partners. UNIPaaS entered the UK market with a great product and a new offering to digital platforms, and we believe the Purl team will help us to achieve our desired goals."

UNIPaaS' mission is to help platforms to capitalise on the real potential of embedded finance. Its truly embedded solution offers digital platforms the ability to add new white labelled financial services such as payments and banking. By providing these services, businesses can effectively increase revenues, improve customers' lifetime value, and deliver a far more streamlined experience.

UNIPaaS' solution enables platforms to provide new, innovative, and streamlined customer experiences whilst offering new value propositions for their customers. This includes automating and digitising manual processes, reducing admin and errors, and helping businesses to improve their cash flow and growth.

Through partnering with UNIPaaS, digital platforms are able to provide their customers' with embedded finance solutions so that they can add financial services alongside their core software products and in doing so, increase their own revenue per customer by 2-5x.

Richard Haythornthwaite, former Chairman of Mastercard, Purl Partners comments, "UNIPaaS is an exciting company in the fintech services space led by an experienced team with a proven track record. Embedded finance will change the way we do business and revolutionise B2B payments and has a unique value proposition particularly for the Digital platforms and the SME sector. UNIPaaS is one of the great rapidly scaling success stories in the finance space and is one of the foremost embedded solutions available for the transition to embedded financial services."

UNIPaaS was founded in Israel in 2020 by fintech industry veterans with over 100 years of combined experience in the fintech sector: David Avgi (CEO), Oded Kovach (CTO), Limor Liberman (COO) and Tsach Einav (CFO). The company, which is FCA-licensed also has offices in Tel Aviv and London. Recently, UNIPaaS partnered with IRIS. Through its partnership with UNIPaaS, IRIS is able to provide its customers with a more efficient and streamlined payments experience, by truly embedding payments and open banking within its suite of products.

About Purl Partners

Purl Partners is a collective of business leaders who have combined their resources, experience, energy and networks to guide early stage and growth companies. Together, the group discover, advise, support and promote some of the most exciting and purpose driven businesses of this generation; helping accelerate their path to growth.