The Challenge

(as explained by Paul Gott, Beelivery COO)

The complexity of our service at times requires manual intervention and as a result, our support team accounts for around 25% of the total Beelivery team.  A major part of the support team workload is due to issues that involve payments to customers and our driver partners.

Payments represent one of the main challenges and barriers to scaling the Beelivery service and this was complicated by the fact that we were using 3 payment platforms to complete an end-to-end flow.

The main problems we identified with our current process were:

  • Relatively high manual intervention to solve errors in our operations and billing.
  • Complexity led to a relatively higher rate of payment failure which in turn affected our order completion rate.
  • Preauthorization: customer satisfaction was affected because it would take 2 to 3 days to release the funds to the customer account when there was a service failure.

When looking into solutions to solve our payment challenges, we were interested in:

  • An instant order and pay solution to support customers.
  • An instant refund solution where service failures occur.
  • Instant payment to our drivers upon delivery completion.

We see our freelance drivers as our business partners. One of the ways we want to empower them is by helping them with their business's cash flow and collection.


  • 3000+ suppliers onboarded within 30 days via an automated process of KYC and KYB checks. Only 0.5% rejected
  • Increased compliance through KYC and KYB checks.
  • Driver payout time reduced from 2-12 hours to 10 minutes.
  • Increased visibility of outbound payments to our customer service through the UNIPaaS portal.
  • Instant refund solution.

Improve vendors’ cash flow and collection

Beelivery has been providing customers in the UK with an on-demand rapid grocery delivery service since 2015.

The quality of our service and service excellence are one of our main values. We aim to provide this value to both our customers - those who use our platform to enjoy quick delivery services. And, our drivers, who are perceived and treated as our business partners.

One of the ways we want to empower them is by helping them with their business's cash flow and collection.

Partnering with UNIPaaS

Paul Gott, COO of Beelivery
"UNIPaaS were the only provider who could supply a solution to all our pain points. Since launching with UNIPaaS our drivers enjoy instant payments rather than having to wait for the next daily payment run and payout failures and support issues are eliminated. Beelivery is growing fast, and UNIPaaS has enabled us to improve our ability to grow and scale our business without adding to headcount and overhead, whilst increasing customer satisfaction significantly.”


UNIPaaS solution implementation phase took 4 weeks.