IRIS Pay is a fully embedded solution that gives businesses complete payment control. Business owners, bookkeepers, and accountants now have a single source of truth for tracking payment transaction status in real-time, viewing balances, investigating fees associated, and locating the linked invoice.

As a result, IRIS Pay customers' cashflow continues to improve, with payments processed faster than ever. Over 85% of IRIS Pay sign-ups have never used a payment solution before, exposing this solution to an entirely new market segment. New sign-ups are seen on a daily basis, with an increasing number of first-time transactions taking place, knowing that you are in good hands with IRIS Pay. There have been no issues with availability or security to date.


"The 3-day settlement from IRIS Pay is faster than the 7-day settlement from my previous provider"
Peter Streatfirld, Managing Director Javelin Broadband Ltd

"I'm really happy with IRIS Pay, I needed the KashFlow system to be integrated fully and IRIS Pay has made that happen. We'd definitely recommend it."
Wayne Michell, Accounts Manager Complete Care West Yorkshire Ltd