Empowering GenZ


MyPocketSkill's mission is to create a financially empowered GenZ. 

The MyPocketSkill platform helps thousands of teenagers "Earn, Save and Learn" about money and develop a wide range of financial and life skills. 

The company was founded in 2017 by two parents, Matthew Harker and Zara Ransley, to address the gap between teenagers earning pocket money and the opportunity to gain financial independence.

MyPocketSkill has achieved notable success, including funding awards from Innovate UK, the UK's innovation agency, reaching the 2020 Great British Entrepreneur Awards finals, and winning a global fintech competition, sponsored by Atos, Deutsche Bank and Google Cloud. .

Partnering with UNIPaaS

MyPocketSkill sought out a payment solution that offered several key capabilities. 

After exploring several payment service providers and embedded finance providers offering payments and banking infrastructure, they chose UNIPaaS.

We chose UNIPaaS because of their credibility, affordability and flexibility”, says Zara Ransley, the MyPocketSkills Co-Founder. She explains they were looking for a credible company, that is both regulated in the UK by the FCA and supports the company’s unique business model.
After speaking with UNIPaaS, MyPocketSkill found partners who understood their educational and financial vision, as well as being attentive to them, regardless of the size of their company.

As Chris Barry, Lead Developer at MyPocketSkill, said, “We receive excellent advice from the UNIPaaS product team, which helped us understand what we needed and how the solution would work best for us.” 


UNIPaaS enables the setting up of accounts with affordable monthly fees that match the average value of a teens' payments, essential to support the company’s business model.


With UNIPaaS’ multi-vendor account system, MyPocketSkill can manage users’ money and gain real-time control and a comprehensive view of their entire payment operations. Zara Ransley, Co-Founder of MyPocketSkill, commented on the importance of UNIPaaS’ account system, saying, "The addition of e-wallets takes us closer to enabling teens to manage their money and save towards their goals."


 Being able to pay teens instantly after a service is completed and automating payment reconciliation helps the MyPocketSkill team run their platform smoothly. The UNIPaaS solution enables MyPocketSkill to perform multiple payouts to the teens in real-time, making for a superior user experience. Furthermore, eliminating manual and time-consuming reconciliations means MyPocketSkill can scale its business without increasing its back-office operations. 


UNIPaaS’ flexible end-to-end solution allows the MyPocketSkill team to rapidly embed additional financial services, putting the company in a great position to enrich its offering in the future.



The MyPocketSkill team needed to switch from their current payment provider and adopt the UNIPaaS solution into their daily work process. To do so within a limited budget and timeframe, the MyPocketSkill team and UNIPaaS prepared a go-live plan. In just a few short weeks, integration, testing, and designing the CX processes were completed. With the help of UNIPaaS’ dedicated product team, MyPocketSkill was able to get up and running and had accomplished a seamless look and feel, necessary for the company and its brand. 

Chris Barry, Lead Developer at MyPocketSkill, “I’ve had the experience integrating payment providers in the past and found UNIPaaS documentation and the implementation process simpler, clear and straightforward.”