Maximize Instant Payouts to Accelerate Funds Flow

The ability to facilitate single-party instant payouts may have been a decisive competitive advantage in years past. However, today’s complex multi-vendor platforms and profitable marketplaces need more advanced capabilities. As the CEO, founder, or CFO of one of these businesses, much of your ability to compete, grow, and scale now depends on whether your platform can efficiently facilitate instant and real-time payouts to multiple vendors - known as your influencers, creators, giggers, sellers, etc.  

Instant Payouts Drive Competitive Advantage and Loyalty

We live in a digital and on-demand world where individuals and businesses have become accustomed to getting almost anything instantly. Yet, most platforms and marketplaces take several business days to complete an electronic transaction and several weeks to pay a vendor for their products or services. That’s way too long.

Influencers, curators, creators, and professionals all want to get paid faster! With an instant payout payment gateway, payments can be made available in near real-time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The ability to pay vendors and suppliers instantly after product delivery is confirmed or a service is completed and invoiced is a game-changer. Imagine having the capability to payout vendors in near real-time, in a simple manageable manner while the buyer payment arrives later.

By enabling your vendors to get paid more frequently, you accelerate funds flow within your platform or marketplace and help balance vendor cash flow, ultimately allowing them to grow their business faster. That’s a compelling competitive advantage that will help attract new vendors. An instant payout gateway will also increase the loyalty of current vendors, which is becoming increasingly important as competition heats up.

Facilitate instant payouts with maximum efficiency

To enable instant settlement payment gateway payouts, marketplaces need efficient accounting operations. For example, manual reconciliations are time-consuming and costly. They can prevent your business from scaling and become a nightmare when you need to disburse payouts to hundreds or thousands of vendors and suppliers. There's a need to manage the billing correctly, ensure the correct amounts with buyers and vendor bank accounts, and cater to various preferences in how multiple vendors wish to get paid.

With instant and automated payments reconciliation, you can immediately present accurate real-time balances and instant invoice payouts to multiple vendors. This enables your platform or marketplace to scale without having to grow your back-office accounting team.

Grow your business with UNIPaaS instant payouts

UNIPaaS enables you to deliver real-time payouts through bank transfer, push to card, or digital wallet. Whether you need to pay individuals like influencers and gig workers, or larger companies, UNIPaaS gives you the flexibility to support diverse payment needs with our instant activation marketplace payment platform. With UNIPaaS, you can also automate and dynamically schedule payment gateway fast payouts and manage real-time eWallet balances for your entire platform ecosystem so you can scale your operations with confidence.

Find out more about UNIPaaS automated payouts, or book a demo with one of our payment experts.