Marketplace Payment Solutions

Embrace the future.  Accept payments from anywhere. Join the platform economy with digital payments and scale, grow, thrive.

Streamline and simplify your marketplace payment processing system. Embrace flexibility. Monetise opportunities. Transform marketplace profitability and growth.

Cut down on card processing fees and manual admin. Reduce fraud and chargebacks and the volume of support tickets. Take the smoothest route to profitability with marketplace payment solutions that deliver cost efficiency, automation, profit margins and opportunity.

Take the easy route and build a marketplace payment platform that simplifies your payments and your admin.

The UNIPaaS Difference

  • Ditch the complexities of KYC and KYB. Automate onboarding and reduce verification times down to minutes.
  • New vendors can accept payments immediately after registration
  • Payments are instantly withdrawn into the vendor’s bank account
  • Improved your supplier-side cash flow thanks to advanced financial capabilities that allow you to deliver faster pay-outs to your supply-side and effectively manage your supplier balance
  • Seamless and secure checkout, multiple payment methods, instant refunds
  • Exceptional security with PSD2 compliance and fraud-prevention tools, along with sensitive data protection
  • A powerful and invisible marketplace payment engine that is fully white-labelled, independent, and add maximum value to your brand
  • Automated vendor verification, split payments and verification
  • Centralised financial operations and real-time reporting
  • Complete control over data, user experiences, payments and systems
  • Improved customer retention thanks to seamless payment processing, reduced disputes and chargebacks and enhanced customer authentication protocols
  • Ditch marketplace payment processing pain points in favour of smooth and simple instant payments with UNIPaaS

How does UNIPaaS work? Perfectly, that’s how. With:

  • A payment architecture built from the ground up for platforms and marketplaces
  • Agile digital marketplace payment design
  • An accessible setup and implementation guide, full support and ongoing training and optional implementation approaches from no-code to fully flexible API. We are the market leader in embedded UI components and provide the simplest way to implement custom solutions.
  • Complete vendor management capabilities  using the UNIPaaS admin portal
  • Comprehensive visibility into all the platform’s ecosystem funds flow, vendor accounts with real-time reporting and statuses
  • One  integration for one marketplace payment processing solution - from paying to payout and everything that is in between
  • Assurance that your marketplace payment processing is in line with regulatory standards such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or revised Payments Services Directive (PSD2), PCI DSS level one (security certificate needed for processing cards number online)
  • Facilitated payments that mitigate your liability with our merchant of record service
  • Streamlined payment processes that improve customer experiences and increase profitability
  • Flexible to accommodate different business models - funds split functionality. 

What does an excellent online marketplace payment solution deliver?

  • Easy vendor onboarding with automated and authenticated due diligence that leverages sophisticated verification models to authenticate identities at speed
  • Tailored payment options that align with different business models and allow you to easily add payment options to your platform
  • Multiple payment integration options across payment links, a checkout page, web SDK and API only to suit your platform requirements
  • The ability to easily manage balances and control payout options with escrow functionality that allows you to schedule your payouts according to your requirements
  • Withdraw or transfer funds from one eWallet to another with a multi-vendor management system that makes disbursements and fund splitting effortless
  • Transparency into cost and scalability with a digital payment marketplace solution that’s capable of serving your needs