IRIS Pay's Next Chapter—A Strategic Partnership Enhancing KashFlow Excellence

In March 2022, IRIS Software Group and UNIPaaS initiated a partnership that has now borne fruit—an evolution of IRIS Pay. This advancement in financial technology is a meticulously crafted solution, poised to elevate the experience for KashFlow customers. This partnership goes beyond a mere facelift, introducing a state-of-the-art interface and an extensive suite of features that transform IRIS Pay into a dynamic financial solution tailored for the intricacies of modern finance. Supercharged by UNIPaaS, IRIS Pay transcends being a mere transactional tool—it emerges as an advanced solution for KashFlow, instilling unparalleled confidence.

This extended partnership underscores an ongoing commitment to innovation. The fusion of IRIS Software Group and UNIPaaS expertise promises KashFlow users a revolutionary shift in their financial management experience. The strategic partnership aims to redefine the essence of financial tools, providing KashFlow users with an advanced solution that surpasses ordinary transactions.

IRIS Pay Today: Simplifying Your Customer Payment Process with KashFlow

In its current iteration, IRIS Pay plays a crucial role in simplifying the process of receiving payments within the IRIS KashFlow ecosystem. The platform offers practical features that contribute to a smooth and efficient payment experience.

Within IRIS Pay, you can easily generate payment links to request funds from your customers. These payment requests are versatile, allowing you to send them through various channels such as email, text, or any messaging service, including the use of QR codes for added convenience.

One notable feature is the ability to enhance your invoices by integrating a user-friendly payment button. This button serves as a guide for customers, directing them to a secure payment checkout. It provides flexibility by accepting familiar and convenient payment options, including debit/credit cards and Instant Bank Transfers. Customers can swiftly confirm payment requests directly from their online bank accounts. Upon successful payment, IRIS Pay automates the generation of paid invoices, effectively reducing the administrative burden.

The system's capability to handle these tasks enables users to effortlessly maintain control through the IRIS KashFlow dashboard. This functionality includes monitoring balances, scheduling payouts, and seamlessly requesting payments.

This set of functionalities within IRIS Pay reflects its current commitment to enhancing the overall KashFlow user experience, contributing to a more streamlined and efficient financial management process.

A Streamlined Interface: Redefining KashFlow Experience

The journey into the enhanced IRIS Pay, tailored for KashFlow users, begins with a meticulously crafted, modernised interface and experience. This transformation marks a paradigm shift, encapsulating a steadfast commitment to providing KashFlow users with an immersive and intuitive financial hub. Beyond the sleek design's cosmetic appeal lies its functional brilliance, streamlining navigation to ensure KashFlow users effortlessly access the platform's powerful features. This upgrade transcends aesthetics, setting a new gold standard for user interaction in the realm of KashFlow management.

Winston Pyton IRIS Software Group VP of Product

All in One - Empowering Financial Mastery with Enhanced IRIS Pay Features

At the core of this evolution is a suite of features tailored explicitly for KashFlow users, redefining how businesses wield financial control. The spotlight shines on the Pay Portal—a dynamic, centralised hub that bestows KashFlow users with unparalleled command over their financial transactions. More than a mere feature, the Pay Portal transforms financial oversight, consolidating critical information into a single, easily accessible location. KashFlow users can now navigate complex financial landscapes with newfound ease, backed by real-time insights. This centralised approach not only streamlines financial operations but empowers KashFlow businesses to wield financial mastery effortlessly.

A Super-Charged Invoicing Experience: Complete Control On How to Get Paid

We're bringing your invoicing experience to the forefront, empowering you with decisive control over your payment preferences. IRIS Pay caters to the diverse needs of KashFlow users, presenting a range of flexible payment methods, including debit/credit cards (including Google Pay and Apple Pay), Instant Bank Transfers, and Direct Debit payments.

This adaptability ensures that you have the autonomy to determine how payments are received. Whether you favour the familiarity of card transactions, the swift efficiency of Instant Bank Transfer, or the automated regularity of Direct Debit, IRIS Pay provides the tools for you to personalise your payment methods based on your unique preferences.

Crafted with user simplicity in mind, this feature transcends one-size-fits-all solutions, delivering a seamless experience for KashFlow businesses. By placing control over payment preferences directly into your hands, IRIS Pay redefines financial management, offering a solution that aligns with the varied and dynamic needs of modern businesses on the KashFlow platform.

Direct Debit: KashFlow Businesses Automate Payments and Get Paid on Time

At the heart of this transformative upgrade is the industry's first fully embedded Direct Debit solution for businesses. The inclusion of Direct Debit in the IRIS Pay suite signifies a new era of integrated and managed payments within KashFlow, tailored specifically for KashFlow businesses. In collaboration with UNIPaaS, this innovative approach eliminates the need for external providers, offering KashFlow businesses a consolidated, all-encompassing solution within IRIS Pay. The seamless setup of Direct Debit reflects our commitment to a frictionless payment process, adhering to stringent compliance with FCA regulations.

IRIS Pay serves as your comprehensive all-in-one payment hub, eliminating the necessity for third-party services, additional usernames and passwords, and the complexities of managing multiple payment methods. This, in turn, saves hours of administrative work. Notably, IRIS Pay now provides the ability to conveniently view and manage all mandates in one place, eliminating the need to log into a third-party provider.

In addition to these groundbreaking enhancements, IRIS Pay revolutionises financial control for KashFlow businesses, offering unparalleled flexibility and real-time transparency. A streamlined interface integrated directly within KashFlow empowers users with effortless control over crucial financial elements. Tasks such as adjusting due dates, payment amounts, or transitioning between payment methods are achieved with simple clicks, allowing users to tailor transactions seamlessly to each customer and each invoice.

Furthermore, IRIS Pay ensures real-time updates via emails and full transparency regarding mandates and payments for both businesses and payers. This dynamic communication enables businesses to stay informed at every stage of the payment process, fostering a proactive approach and ensuring prompt, informed decision-making for streamlined financial operations.

Real-time Transparency with the Notification Feature for KashFlow

A pivotal addition to the evolved IRIS Pay tailored for KashFlow is the Notification feature, a beacon of real-time transparency and engagement. Providing KashFlow users with ready-made microcopy and relevant calls-to-action, this feature ensures full visibility into payment-related activities. KashFlow users can stay informed and in control, fostering a proactive and responsive approach to financial management.

Furthermore, IRIS Pay Direct Debit email notifications empower the user with the information needed in order to take action. As example, in case a Direct Debit mandate was canceled by the buyer, the user is informed on the related invoice and the future payments that will be missing. Striving to develop customer-centric applications is not only a title. Such informative notifications allow the  user to take immediate and accurate actions - such as resending the Direct Debit mandate request.

A Customer-Centric Approach to Financial Empowerment for KashFlow Users

As IRIS Pay undergoes this tailored metamorphosis for KashFlow users, the collaboration between IRIS Software Group and UNIPaaS takes centre stage, propelling the platform into a league of its own. The amalgamation of a modernised interface, innovative features specifically designed for KashFlow, and the game-changing Direct Debit integration positions IRIS Pay as a comprehensive solution that empowers KashFlow businesses to navigate the complexities of modern finance with unparalleled confidence. This evolution is not merely an upgrade—it's a testament to the commitment of IRIS Software Group and UNIPaaS to redefine the future of financial management for KashFlow users.

For a more in-depth exploration of the modernization and innovative features of IRIS Pay tailored for KashFlow, please visit their website.