White-Label Embedded Finance: What to Look for, Where to Find it, and Why it Works

Unpack the benefits of white-label embedded finance and delve into the how, the why, and the where to find it.

There is immense value in white label embedded finance solutions, especially now as customers, markets and institutions are more demanding and have higher expectations than ever before. Frictionless, fast, seamless, accessible – these are just some of the terms that must define a successful payments platform. Furthermore the words disrupt, demand and design are shaping how platforms need to approach their payments solutions to ensure customer delight, retention, and engagement. White label embedded finance components allow platforms to wrap their trusted identities around reliable solutions that deliver precisely what their customers need.

In addition to the immediacy of a solution that can be white-labelled into a brand’s identity and infrastructure, there are quite a few additional benefits to white-label embedded finance software.

Key benefits of intermediary white label consumer embedded finance

  • Simplicity and accessibility – developing your own embedded finance solution is time-consuming, expensive, and complex. Leveraging a proven solution that can be easily integrated into your own payments platform changes the time to customer service delivery from years to weeks.
  • Support and functionality – leveraging third-party white-label embedded finance solutions assures you of ongoing support, upgrades, maintenance, and service delivery. Not only does this minimise your reliance on internal resources to keep a project running, but it sends you to market faster and keeps you relevant at a time when competition is stiff and fierce.
  • Variety and capability – using a white-label embedded finance software, you get to enjoy all the variety in service delivery you need without developing it yourself. You can use the solution to add a range of capabilities to your platform, from mortgages to balance notifications, client onboarding, easier payments, and much more.

When you work with a trusted third-party service provider, you can create an embedded finance solution that transforms how your customers experience your platform. You can add in functions, improve your variety of services, and keep your customers happy as you constantly evolve and adapt your platform to meet their changing needs and expectations.

And don’t forget, the benefits to your own business are equally extensive. You can take advantage of a proven solution while mitigating the risks, ensuring ongoing security, and adding new revenue opportunities. You can also use the white label functionality to minimise customer friction, help your teams develop new products, and potentially allow your brand to enter new markets.

However, you need to find the right white-label embedded finance provider.

Choosing a white-label embedded finance company

There are several key elements that an embedded finance service provider needs to provide to your business for you to gain the benefits of white labelling their services. The following list covers some of the most important components to consider when choosing a white-label embedded finance company:

  1. Customisation:

Your service provider needs to be capable of delivering a white-label component architecture that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure, and that can be easily branded with your identity. You want modular, intelligent and customisable with a short implementation time so you can reap the rewards at speed.

  1. Features:

Ensure you get a solution that matches your business needs, can be customised to fit your changing needs, and thrives on innovation and agility. Your white-label checkout embedded finance platform shouldn’t get stuck in the mud after a year, and it should come with the ability to cherry-pick features that fit your needs.

  1. Branding:

Obviously, no white-label embedded finance solutions would work if you can’t brand it. So, ensure your service provider can collaborate to create a solution that emulates your brand and adheres to your trusted brand identity. Customers trust you, so ensure your embedded finance solution is built on this trust with clear branding and a solid identity.

  1. APIs and integration capabilities:

This is closely aligned with customisation in that you need to know that the embedded finance solution you’ve chosen to white-label will fit within your business. Your partner needs to meet your integration expectations, align with your goals, and allow you to integrate across multiple touchpoints within your platform.

  1. Security and support:

These two features cannot be understated. Risk mitigation in terms of robust security and 24/7 support is critical to ensuring that your brand remains a trusted service provider and that your services are always-on and secure. Your service provider must deliver on these two premises and must have a proven track record that shows expertise and stability in this space.

  1. Costs:

Money will always be an essential part of the conversation regarding white-labelled embedded finance. Ensure that your service provider is open to having clear conversations about the pricing system, the opportunities for growth, transparency across agreements and services, and supporting you throughout the process. Hidden costs and vague pricing are red flags to be avoided.

The UNIPaaS Solution

UNIPaaS provides a trusted and proven white-label embedded finance solution that has gained significant traction with leading brands such as IRIS and other digital platforms and marketplaces, and, with its extensive customisation capabilities, it is revolutionising the embedded payment experience for B2B platforms.

With its fully white-labelled, ready-to-use UI components for embedded finance, UNIPaaS simplifies the payment process and provides you with complete control over your platform’s capabilities. Using our trusted and reliable solution, you can walk away from expensive custom development projects and implement our components within weeks (six to eight weeks!) while enjoying all the benefits that come hand-in-glove with white-labelled embedded finance solutions. From customisation through to support, security, transparency, easy integration, and trusted service delivery, we simplify your service delivery and help you do more with, and for, your customers.

Our features can be customised to suit a broad range of industries and business types, and our proven service delivery, support and security reassure you of uptime, functionality, and safety. We are committed to reducing the risks, smoothing the road, and building a white-label embedded finance solution that perfectly fits your brand and your business. Learn more about UNIPaaS’ White-label UI Components here