Grow Faster with an Independent Payment Engine

Integrating an independent, white-labelled embedded payment solution into your platform delivers sublime control and transforms payments, pay-outs and profitability. 

Did you know that the swift and seamless implementation of a white-labelled embedded payments solution can fundamentally transform how your platform connects with users, creates experiences, leverages its data, and increases profitability? 

It can. And, with the right partner, it will tick every one of those boxes (and more). 

An independent embedded payment engine that leverages a white-labelled solution to connect with your customers within your ecosystem will redefine your capabilities and expand your opportunities. 

Control your User Experience (UX) with Embedded Payments

A well-designed white-labelled payment gateway will also hand you another critical success metric - transformed user experiences. These have become critical for the B2B marketplace as the market is fiercely competitive. Companies investing in solutions that streamline payments, smooth over the traditional bumps in the road and turn payments into experiences are far more likely to retain customers and build market share.

Independent payment solutions for suppliers

Today, online user expectations  assume payments to be free from the hiccups and complexities that used to dominate online payments. Complex admin, poor performance, limited options. These should be problems that are left in the past, especially now that embedded payment solutions have evolved to the point where they can deliver exceptional experiences within platform ecosystems.

White-labeled payments within your platform and marketplace

A white-labelled payment gateway architecture  allows you to customise your user journeys according to your unique business offering and create experiences that resonate with your brand. When your solution is seamlessly integrated and comprehensively white-labelled, your brand remains at the front and under your control. As an added bonus, you gain access to a comprehensive kit of services that you can integrate into your digital platform, without the costs. Comprehensive independent payment solution

UNIPaaS provides an end-to-end solution in a single integration. You can choose the most relevant implementation option for your brand, including a robust API solution for a great in-app experience or ready-to-use brandable hosted links. Read UNIPaaS’ Beelivery case study to see how one of the UK’s leading on-demand grocery delivery companies used our embedded payment platform to transform operational capabilities and improve customer experiences.

Control your data with independent payment functionality

Data remains one of your most important assets. It can guide how you interact with customers by providing visibility into bottlenecks and pain points on your platform so you can resolve them. It can help you refine and innovate your existing portfolio of services to align with very real and very relevant customer needs. It can be used to discover new markets and opportunities, to create new revenue streams, and it can improve operational and productivity efficiencies. 

The question is, of course…how? 

How can your platform fully realise the potential of its data? How can you achieve all these benefits within your existing infrastructure? 

The answer is…embedded payments for marketplaces. 

You can increase efficiency, reduce costs and scale up your business operations thanks to granular data visibility. With the right solution, you retain complete control over your data and your user experience.

Your marketplace can benefit immensely from the granular data provided by an embedded finance solution. It is designed to manage the data and provide you with a rich understanding of your payments ecosystem. This translates into a solution that transforms your control over your data and ignites proactive and effective management of your operations. How? By providing you with data around your vendors, around the onboarding process, and around the payments themselves. Each of these touchpoints offers you visibility into your payments ecosystem as a whole and allows you to optimise your approaches based on real-world responses and insights. 

The UNIPaaS white-label solution is designed to help you embed financial services seamlessly into your digital platform without losing control over your brand. The power and the data stay in your hands, and you can use the insights provided by the solution's comprehensive reporting, data analysis and data security capabilities to effectively increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and stickiness. 

Control cash, pay-outs and your platform by improving your supply side

Cash flow and pay-outs are critical to the success of a small business or gig worker in this economy. In fact, the ability to provide your customers, your SMEs and gig workers with faster pay-outs and improved cash flow is a definitive competitive differentiator.

With embedded payments from UNIPaaS, new vendors are easily onboarded within an automated process that reduces verification times and payments are instantly withdrawn into a vendor’s bank account. The advanced financial capabilities of the UNIPaaS solution allow you to deliver much faster pay-outs to your supply side and effectively manage your supplier balance. It also provides seamless and secure checkouts, multiple payment methods and instant refunds.

Using our powerful, white-labelled, independent marketplace payment engine, you can add maximum value to your brand.

Master your destiny with the tools to transform your growth

There is so much more you can achieve with the UNIPaaS solution. In addition to providing complete control over data, user experiences, payments and systems, our solution helps you improve customer retention thanks to seamless payment processing, reduced disputes and chargebacks, and enhanced customer authentication protocols.

Our solution is designed to help you ditch the pain points usually associated with payments and replace them with frictionless experiences that help you transform your growth. Our agile digital marketplace payment design has been built specifically for marketplaces and platforms, providing you with comprehensive visibility into your ecosystem. Our solution can be completely white-labelled to fit within your brand, and comes with our assurance that your payment processing is in line with regulatory standards.

Together with your brand, we can tick every box of efficiency, productivity, profitability and growth thanks to a truly engaging and extensive embedded payment solution designed to fit your platform and your brand vision.